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Opulent treasures inspired by a longing for an illusive past.

Ethical, sustainable & thoroughly sublime. 

This is wearable art.

Our garments and accessories are the outcome of countless sleepless nights & dreams that are almost impossible to seize.



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Evening Coats

A wonderful centrepiece of any exquisite wardrobe.

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Unique pattern making

All of our patterns have a story behind them. We are inspired by history and art, and share a nostalgic longing for an illusive past. 

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Protecting nature, looking after our environment and ensuring the wellbeing of people and all other beings we co-exist with are causes dear to our hearts. 


Our patterns and designs are inspired by stories from the days gone by. House of Nostalgia was born from a longing for a past that we have not experienced, a past that never was. 



Quality is something that we want to permeate our whole brand. For us it’s everything from sumptuous flowing fabrics that feel amazing against the skin, to swift and friendly customer service.

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