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All of our patterns have a story behind them. We are inspired by history and art, and share a nostalgic longing for an illusive past. 

My Widenius, one of our founders and the talent behind the gorgeous drawings that come together to make our patterns, puts it like this: “My main reason for creating is that I am chasing something. I am trying to capture a certain feeling or mental state through my creative work. This feeling could be described as beauty, harmony and peace – it’s a featherlight notion that everything in this exact moment is as it should be.”

Welcome to our Shangri-La of patterns and stories! 

Palm Art Deco

Our sophisticated Palm Art Deco pattern is inspired by the glamorous ‘20s, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, a pharaoh’s terrifying curse and obviously Art Deco.

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La Belle Époque

Inspired by the late Belle Époque era, think delicate afternoon dresses and leisurely walks in heady-scented parks under blossoming trees in early 20th century Paris.

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Birds in Paradise

The opulent Birds in Paradise pattern draws inspiration from 18th century Chinoiserie, and within its luscious leaves lurks a metaphor.

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