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All of our patterns have a story behind them. We are inspired by history and art, and share a nostalgic longing for an illusive past. Our patterns may transport you to a wild 1920’s soirée, a Parisian park or an old country house from a fleeting childhood memory. It’s all about how the visuals make us feel.

We don’t follow trends in our colours or our designs, we do what we want and what feels right in a particular moment. This, we hope, creates a certain timeless quality to our work, and appeals to people at different stages of their lives.

Welcome to our Shangri-La of patterns and stories! 

Palm Art Deco

Our sophisticated Palm Art Deco pattern is inspired by the glamorous ‘20s, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, a pharaoh’s terrifying curse and obviously Art Deco.

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La Belle Époque

Inspired by the late Belle Époque era, think delicate afternoon dresses and leisurely walks in heady-scented parks under blossoming trees in early 20th century Paris.

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Birds in Paradise

The opulent Birds in Paradise pattern draws inspiration from 18th century Chinoiserie, and within its luscious leaves lurks a metaphor.

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