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Palm Art Deco


Art Deco, an aesthetic style or an art movement seen in visual arts, design, architecture, fashion and so on, began to emerge just before WW1 in France, peaked during the ‘20s and ‘30s and declined with the start of WW2.

The style represented modern times, being more sleek and streamlined than previous, more decorative styles like Art Nouveau. Art Deco was to be progressive and forward looking. Emphasis was on luxurious materials, geometry and skillful craftsmanship aided by new technology and machines. Inspiration came from nature but in a more stylized form than before, and from exotic places around the world like Japanese woodblock prints and ancient Egyptian artifacts.



The 1922 discovery of the boy King Tutankhamun’s tomb had a huge influence on the entire world. The grave that had lain untouched for 3000 years sparked new interest in ancient Egypt. Howard Carter opened the tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and found that it contained a fantastic amount of “wonderful things”, as he is said to have exclaimed. With some deaths relating to the excavations of the tomb, rumours of the pharaoh’s curse began to circulate.

Nevertheless, Tutmania took over the fashion world, casting a gilded spell of fascination with Egyptian motifs and symbols. Our Palm Art Deco pattern features a stylized version of an ancient Egyptian motif, the Palmette. 



Ostrich feathers, tassels, enormous swaying palm trees in intricately decorated flower pots – our deco jacquards encapsulate the Zeitgeist, mystery and provocative hedonism of the Roaring Twenties. You are invited to a decadent party where elegant figures wrapped in silk robes, wearing turbans and golden scarab rings, smoke slim cigarettes from long holders all the while nonchalantly sipping on gimlets and champagne.

A jazz band plays in the high-ceilinged ballroom, the music spilling out into the velvet night through open patio doors. The atmosphere is charged but dreamy at the same time. Real daytime world seems a fiction.

Let this party never end!