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Partners & production

We have a network of great partners here at home in Finland and across Europe. Our partners all share our values, and are passionate about making sure every last element of the production process is as ethical and sustainable as possible. This encompasses human resources as well as environmental concerns. New inventions and techniques in the field are embraced and utilised, and our knowledgeable partners patiently guide us through their areas of expertise. Our partners hold various certifications for their commitment to sustainability and ethical working practices.

We also choose our suppliers with care. In Finland we work with Napakka & Pussikeskus for packaging materials, and Prigi for stickers and hangtags. In Estonia a company called Jospel has made our care labels out of recycled materials, and Ornament Disain has created our beautiful hangers.

Last, but by no means least, our prototypes and garment alterations are made, and all other sewing needs attended to, by Riikka Röpetti at Ompelimo Loistotikki, Omplimo Sile and tailor and pattern technician Miia Pehkonen.

Brunello – An Italian firm for an Italian product.

Brunello make our gorgeous cupro and viscose fabrics. The company was founded in the village of the same name in the province of Varese and, since 1927, they have been putting all their effort and passion into one single objective: guaranteeing the top quality in all their products. They created something very unique for us, and together we tried out a double printing technique to further enhance the quality of our fabric. Brunello has a made commitment to their own immediate environment as well as the environment as a whole. Read more about their impressive efforts here.


Rosiine – Full Control Over the Quality of Production

A full-service clothing manufacturer founded in 1994 in Estonia, Rosiine expertly manufactures our clothing and belts. The company has been a member of the Estonian Clothing and Textile Association from 1994 to 2019. All the products are manufactured in their own production facility in Tallinn. Rosiine employ around 15 professionals who bring a wealth of specialist skills, extensive experience and passion to the production process. The expertise of the professionals span from producing basic garments to creating technically complex masterpieces. You can find out more about Rosiine here.


K.B. PASSAGE OÜ – honesty, flexibility, quality and inspiration

K.B. PASSAGE OÜ was founded in the summer of 2011 by Kristin Benjamin. She and her long-time cooperation partner Tapani Penttilä have given the company a strong foundation with their specialised experience and close friendship.

K.B. PASSAGE OÜ produces its own brand of women’s clothing and additionally offers clothing production and product development services. They organise all stages of the production process that lie between the fashion sketch and the clothing retailer.

K.B. PASSAGE OÜ’s strength lies in the team’s extensive experience in clothing production. The company employs 24 people. Many of their employees have worked together for over 10 years, and this ensures smooth-running, high-quality teamwork.

Read more here


Rubylea – Spectacular Accessories for Spectacular People

Rubylea is a small brick-and-mortar boutique and online shop in Helsinki, Finland. Milliner Eini Immonen handmakes spectacular turbans, headbands and hats, and has created a collection exclusively for House of Nostalgia using our fabrics. Get to know Rubylea shop and their wonderfully crafted items here.


Modo Mio – Unique Jewellery from Quality Materials

Modo Mio have designed a collection exclusively for House of Nostalgia.  The jewellery has its origins in the artisan Minna Toivonen’s fascination with times gone by and the love of creating with her hands. Toivonen, who is now based in Ullanlinna, Helsinki (right by our showroom!) worked in an art gallery in Florence, Italy for a long time and carries with her a passion for art history, evident in her beautiful jewellery. Modo Mio’s own page in Finnish can be found here.